Introduction - (SLL-SamanthaS)

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The Algonquin speak hundreds and speaking sevral related dialects.
Algonquin is not related to the Ancient Egypian, Hebrew, or other semitic languages.

The Algonquin lived in Canada between the Rockies, and the Atlantic ocean.
The Algonquin also lived in the New Egland area.

The Algonquin lived in wigwams, mostly farmed, and wor little clothing.

Habitat/Homes - (SLL-KendraT)

This is a longhouse.
This is a longhouse.

Algonquin tribes lived in some different homes. They lived in birch bark houses, wigwams (or waginogons).Wigwams were small, and they looked like cones. They were also made from birch bark. They made houses that were portable or easy to build.

There were many different kinds of fish, and forest animals. They had many different kinds of fish because they lived by the great lakes. They also had a lot of trees and many forioties of plants.

The Algonquin lived in southern Canada and northern America. Although some Algonquin lived in America most of them lived in Quebec Canada. The climate was various. It varied from cold winters, and hot summers.

Food - (SLL-Samantha S)

The Algonquin were hunter-gatherers. They hunted and trapped for meat. Groups of Algonquin would gather in the summer to fish together. They did not do much farming at all, but they did grow corn.Algonquin would use fish heads to fertilize their corn feilds. They were semi-nomadic which means that they moved around a lot.They moved around so they could gather berries and wild plants for their families. The squwas, or women, of their village moved to nearby areas to till the soil and to plant crops and to gather nuts and berries, and while the women gatherd nuts and berries the men would hunt. The Algonquin made maple syrup from tree sap.They traded with other tribes for corn. They ate wild birds and other game like moose, caribou, beaver, otter, and other small animals.

Native americans hunting deer

Dress - (SLL-KendraT)

Algonquin Native Americans wore moccasins for shoes. Moccasins helped keep their feet warm and they could use their resources to make them. Some of the Indians wore breath clothes with leggings or tunic. Some wore skirts (even the men).Usually the Indians wore feathers on their heads, or sometimes they shaved their heads Mohawk style.

Algonquin men sometimes only wore deerskin loincloth. The woman also wore an apron or a wrap around skirt made of the some material.

Algonquin Indians liked using buckskin material to make clothes, but their favorite material was the hides of a whitetail deer. Moose, elk, and caribou also provided material for there garments. They cured the material to make soft leather.

Algonquin clothes usually had short fringes hanging from the seams of their clothing.

Customs (OSL-SethS)

Algonquin men most of the time went hunting while the woman stayed home and took care of the cooking and the children. The children did chores and helped around the house. But don’t think they didn’t have time for games because they did. They played games like shinny, ball games, walk on stilts, cats cradle, and last but not least web weaving.

Algonquin Indian customs
Algonquin Indian customs

Tool and Weapons - (OSL-SethS)

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Algonquin warriors used bows, arrows, spears, and knives. Hunters used traps for animals to catch them with. Fisherman used pronged spears to catch fish. To catch fish you have to go in a canoe to do so. For traveling in the snow they had to make sleds and snowshoes.

They made them from stone, bone, animal hide, and wood. They got these materials from buffalo, trees and rock. The men normally made these by themselves. Oherwise a teenager did it

Miscellaneous Facts - (all group members)

There are about 8000 algonquin natives today. There religion was Midewiwin.

Algonquins believed that in the afterlife the spirits of men chased the spirits of the animals.