Introduction - (SLL-BillA)

The Tlingit were located in the northwest. They spoke many languages. They believed in spirits, and that is how they got their totem animal.

Habitat/Homes - (SLL-BillA)

The habitat of the Tlingit is the northwest, modern day Canada, and Alaska. They lived in wooden plank houses. There were many tall trees in the northwest.

The Tlingit sometimes had up to 50 people in one household. They were not all one family, but several families. They were all in families called clans. The houses must have been quite large.
In the northwest, some trees were up to 150 feet tall. For houses, workers attached wooden planks together. Including posts for doorframes and window frames. The wooden planks were made from cedar trees.
In the northwest, the climate can be quite warm. And the warm water from Japan also keeps the temperature up. Wildlife included salmon, bears, and dogs.
The terrain was partly rocky.

Dress - (SLL-KensiD)

Men and woman of the Tlingit tribe wore hats that looked like baskets. Men of the Tlingit tribe wore little or nothing for clothing.Men of the Tlingit wore nose rings for special occasions.Women of the Tlingit tribe wore long skirts made of cedar bark.

Food - (SLL-KensiD)

Fish was the main food for the Tlingit. Halibut, salmon, herring, and candlefish were eaten fresh or dried then stored for later. Seals, sea lions, and of course sea otters were used for food and clothing for the Tlingit. They also hunted deer, bear, goats and other small creatures that were near.

Customs -(OSL-Daniel)

You will learn about how the Tlingit made totem poles. Tlingit carves made totem poles the totem pole I found had the Thunderbird is on the top of the totem pole this spirit is the most powerful. The Wolf is a good hunter and will bring good hunting to a person with it's spirit. The Killer Whale has a legend that it could capture a canoe of people and drag it underwater village people were transformed into whales here. The Raven is a cultural spirit with magical powers so he can change into anything. The Grizzly Bear respects the clan that made the totem pole.

This is a totem pole.
This is a totem pole.

Tool and Weapons - (OSL-Daniel)

Tlingit fisherman used harpoons, fishhooks, and wooden fish traps. Tlingit hunters used bows with arrows and spears while trappers used snares and nets. Their warriors used spears, war clubs and knives. Another tool that the Tlinget used was boats. They made dugout canoes by hollowing out spruce or cedar logs. They also had war canoes that were up to 60 feet long. These are some of the tools and weapons the Tlingit used.

Tlingit_tools.jpg 9_athabaskan_indian_tlingit_knifes1.jpg

Miscellaneous Facts - (all group members)