We are now finished with our first ever collaborative wiki. Fifth grade, you did a great job. Now that you are finished, we are interested in your thoughts on this project. What did you like the best? What was the most difficult? Would you ever want to do something like this again? What subject would you like to do this in? What would your topic be? Any other thoughts? Please share your comments and ideas with us. Don't forget to sign your name.
Mrs. Greve and Mr. Felten

I loved looking for info on the web. But that was the hardest part for me. I think it would be fun to do this again. I’d want to do the subject sports. For my topic I’d do basketball and soccer.
Trevor M.

I liked working with teammates I’ve never seen before. The most difficult thing was probably finding pictures. Yes I would really like to do this again. I would probably want to do it on video games. My topic would be why video games are fun. I would really like to do this again.


I loved this project because it is fun and we all love the research (I think!!!!) I think that the discussion was the hardest I don’t know why. I just think it is hard to check it everyday. YES because it was FUN!!!!!! The subject would be Science. And the topic would be animals.


I thought that it was really fun and I had a lot fun. We were really excited about it.


This project was really fun for me. My favorite part of it was communicating with people from another school. The most difficult part was finding the language the Miwoks spoke. I would definitely want to do this again. If I could do this again I would want do it in history on slavery of African Americans. This was a really fun and educational way to learn more about Native Americans. J J


I thought this project was so much fun! It’s definitely something I would want to do again. If we do it again I would want to do all on Science the topic would be outer space. My favorite parts about this project were we learned a lot, we were not just doing it with our 5th grade class but we did it with other 5th graders from another school so we met new friends, and I LOVE learning about Native Americans! I had a lot of fun but there were some difficulties. There were some points where it was me doing the wrong thing, and sometimes it was the computer. When it was me I accidentally deleted my whole paragraph and I had to start over. When it was the computer my wiki wouldn’t show up, and sometimes it was just confusion.

The part that I liked the best about this project was getting to design your own piece of the page. The most difficult part about the project I think was getting all the information out of books and on the internet.I think it would be fun to do something like this again.If we did something like this again I would like to do it on science.If we did it on science I would like to do the topic cells Grace J

What I liked best was working on Wikispaces. It was fun looking for information on different things in Good search. The hardest part of this project was working only two days a week. I would love to do this again because it’s fun to work with others people in different schools. The subject I would like to be in is Art class because I’m not a very good artist and I would like to be in a good mood after school. My topic would probable be Tools and Weapons so I can learn different weapons and I am interested in History wars.
Michael F.

I liked using the Internet and I learned a lot about the internet and how to use it. I also learned a ton of information about my tribe. I also learned a lot about other peoples tribes from reading their writing. I also liked that we got to work with other kids from other schools. I had a lot of fun doing this project I hope we can do this again.


I liked finding the information on all the differant websites. It was fun to work on a tribe with differant people. It was fun to learn about the facts that you can't find anywhere else. I also enjoyed looking at other peoples information they entered in great facts.


I thought it was very fun because I love searching things on the Internet. One of the things I didn't like was figuring out all of the fonts. But it was fun.

Delaney S.

I thought this project was very fun. The hardest part for me was finding the facts on the internet. If I could I'd do another one. The best part about it was working in a group. If 5th grade does it next year I would let them just type what you what to write to the wiki instead of going to microsoft word, copying it then paste it on to your wiki, that way the writing won't all be bigger and smaller than others like some were.

Jacob B.

This was a fun experience! I enjoyed it very much. My biggest challenge was finding correct info. Once, I got information that said the Paiute rode camels and hunted mammoth! Sometimes the resources I found contradicted each other. There definitely were lots of problems, especially with editing! It was very enjoyable, and I definitely want to do it again!

Sophia R.

This was fun, but I had a really hard time with my tribe Zuni. I thought it was a great opportunity to meat new people.
Next year if the fith grade does this let they just type on the wiki insted of going on microsoft word.

Samantha H.

The best thing was that I got tolean more about native americans . Looking in books helped me more than looking on the internet . The most dificalt thing was searhing for info on the computer . I would love to do this again . I'd do my topic on drawing and call itdrawing tips.

Paige L.

What I like about the Wiki is that you are not just listening to the teacher but you get to tell about the Indians and how they lived and how they had to adapt to their enviroment. I would like to do the Wiki again.

Alex L.
I liked the wiki because I like using the internet. I also learned a lot about the Nez Perce’ Indians. Some of the things I would change if we did it again would be different topics for the Indians. It was hard to find some of the information. And maybe a new topic instead of Indians for Social Studies. I would like to do one for science if we got to vote for another one. It was fun and I definitely want to do it again.

Brendan M.

I think it was hard to find your tirbe and I think it would be a great thing to do a wiki on animals.

I loved looking on the web for information about my tribe. I would love to do a wiki again. If we could do this again I would want to do it in Science and my topic would be animals. Because I love animals!!!


I liked looking for info but the hard part was typeing it in. It was fun and I would like to do it again .

It think it was hard to look for a websit and put it in your own words.I think we sould do it again and we sould do it about humans body.