Introduction - (OSL-Mike)

LeNape means "the people" or "true people". The tribe lives in the Northeastern Woodlands. They live around mountain areas. A mountain range that the tribe lived by was called the Alegheny mountain range. Most of them live in the Mid-Atlantic area. The tribe speaks a language called Unami. LeNape tribes weren't a harmful group. Europeans taught them how to plant crops and cure sicknesses. A reason the tribe was forced westward was because fraudulent deals of land, treaties, and slavery.
LeNape Man
LeNape Man

Habitat/Homes - (OSL-Mike)

The Delaware tribes lived in which is now known as New Jersey, Delaware, New York, and Pennsylvania. Most Delaware tribes were forced to migrate westward when the colonists from Europe took over the Delaware tribes area. The tribes used timber which is evident in their shelters to build long houses(also known as Wigwams or birchbark hoses). The tribes homes would be as tall as 10ft.or as small as 8ft. Another word for wigwams is Iroquoians. One family lives in a Iroquoian. Some villages were palisaded(long walls for protection).Iroquoians are not portable.

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The Lenape tribe(same as Delaware)lived in mountains,and had frogs,turtles,birds,bears,and turkey to hunt.

Dress - (SLL-KyleS)external image image1.jpg

Lenape women wore knee-length shirts. The men wore breechcloths and leggings. Shirts were not necessary. They did wear deerskin mantles when it got cold. Both genders wore earrings and they wore deerskin moccasins for there feet. Lenape adopted European costume such as cloth blouse and jackets. They painted their faces with different colors and designs for different occasions. Women often colored their faces with red ocre. They bought silver nose rings and clothing decorated with bright cloth from European traders. For other occasions Lenape man, often wore tattoos in animal designs.

Food - (SLL-JaredS)

The Delaware women farmed .The Delaware men hunted elk, deer, fish, turkeys turtles and frogs, and small game . The Delaware indians made cornbread, dumplings, and salad. The delaware hunted small game. The delaware ate birds eggs. They dried meat in the sun.They stored vegetables under the ground. The delaware lived in the mountans. The lenanpe tribe had a diferent realigen then us.
Lenape Men and boys knew that hunting and fishing were very important. Deer, elk, black bear, raccoon, beaver, and rabbit were among the animals hunted for meat, skins, and sinew, and the bear's fat was melted, purified, and stored in skin bags. Turkeys, ducks, geese, and other birds were killed for meat and feathers. To prevent spoilage, some meat and fish were smoked and dried in the sun. Dried meat lasted for a long time. Dried meat could be chewed, or it could be cooked in a soup or stew. The Lenape always share ever went hungry as long as there was food in the village Lenape people were ok.d their food so no one.

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Customs - (SLL-JaredS)

Yes, the Delaware tribe used bark and dugout canoes to travel on the Delaware River and the East Coast. Since they moved to Oklahoma, however, Lenape traditions of canoe-building have mostly been lost. Over land, the delaware used dogs as pack animals. There were no horses in North America until Europeans brought them here. The Indians used sleds and snowshoes to help them travel in the winter. Today, of course, delaware Indian people also use houses and non-native people also use canoes.

Tool and Weapons - (SLL-KyleS)

What weapons they used
The Lenis us war clubs, tomahawks bows arrow scaling knives and spear. They used a bow and arrow to kill fish and game. They caught fish with fishhooks made of bone and dried claws of birds.
tools of the Delawear Indians
tools of the Delawear Indians

Ways They Traveled
Lenis tribe used bark and dugout canoes to travel. They built sleds and snowshoes to help them travel in the winter.

What are the Weapons made of?
The tomahawks are for cutting done lumber for house. All the Lenis weapons were made and not bought. The spear is made of wood and arrowhead .The scalping knife is made of wood and rocks. A bow and arrow is made from bird fathers and arrowhead. The war club is made from a log

Miscellaneous Facts - (all group members)

  • The western part of the LeNape tribe fought with the French at the end of the French and Indian War.
  • The tribe depends on wood, sheets, bones, clay, and tone for utensils of life.