A collaborative project of the fifth grade classes of

St. Lorenz and Our Savior Lutheran Schools

11.20.08 - Final thoughts - Once you have done everything Mr. Felton suggested below and you are sure your entry is the best it can be, click on "What Do You Think" and share your thoughts on the project. We are looking forward to reading them.

- Finishing touches -
I am very impressed with the work many of you are putting into this project. Some of you are nearly finished and others will be finished very soon. If you think you are done make sure you check for conventions (even ask a friend to check your writing for mistakes). One way to do this is to click the "edit this page" button on your tribe page. When you press the button a red line should come up by all misspelled words. Remember the tribe name and other names may show up as misspelled, but the spell check does not recognize names. As teachers we do not want to tell you every mistake you have made. It is up to you to find your mistakes and correct them. Keep up the good work

- All Students -
Those of you wishing to go on to a new topic, check with your own history teacher. He or she will know if you are ready to move on.

- All Students
- I noticed a very wise comment from Mr. Felten to one of the students that I would like to repeat: "A good writer is NEVER finished". Even though you think you have exhausted all sources of information, there is probably more out there. Even if there is not, there are ways to make what you have written more interesting by using vivid verbs and adjectives and different beginnings to each of your sentences. How about a really interesting lead to your section? Are your sections organized in a logical fashion?

10.26.08- St. Lorenz Students - When posting into the wiki, do not post one sentence/thought at a time. Research until you have enough information for a complete paragraph. Make sure you start with a good topic sentence and provide at least 3 detail sentences. Right now, some a just posting on sentence at a time and it will be difficult to have an organized entry doing it that way.

10.25.08- The Low Tech Alternative- Some students have been having difficulty finding specific information about their tribe. Remember that there are books available that have great information. Our Savior students and St.Lorenz students have access to a lot of great material in our libraries. We will put some books in the back of our classrooms, but use your library time to search for more.

10.25.08- Our Savior Students - OK! I finally remembered how to do captions. Mr. Felton may have taught SLL students correctly. After you post your picture, save it. Then go back to edit, click on the picture and you can add a caption. Apologies for the misinformation on Friday. My directions resulted in no captions showing up.

10.23.08- All Students - You are doing a great job on your entries. We need you to do one thing. Please go back and proofread. There are errors, mostly involving the use of capital letters. Remember, all proper nouns (example - the name of your tribe) should begin with a capital letter. There are also spelling errors. Use the correct there and their. Remember, there will be others reading this site besides you. If you are not certain about the spelling of a word, capitalization, punctuation, etc., ask your teacher.

In addition, please remember to put two spaces after end punctuation and one after commas. Some of you are forgetting to use any spaces whatsoever, and that makes it very difficult to read your very fine entries.

10.21.08 - Hint - If you are having difficulty finding information on your tribe, search under the cultural region your tribe is in.

10.21.08 - What kind of information should we post? Excellent question. Here are a few suggestions.

  • Introduction: Where are they located? What language do they speak? What is a little past history? What does their tribe name mean? Did they have a form of government?
  • Habitat/homes: Describe the climate, vegetation, animals, terrain (Habitat). Describe their home and what it is made of. Does one family live in the home or several? Is it portable or stationery? If portable, how did they move them from place to place? Did they live in villages? You will most likely need two paragraphs - one for homes and one for habitats.
  • Dress: Describe the clothing wore by men and women for both daily wear and ceremonial occasions. Did they wear body paint? What kind of accessories did they wear?
  • Food: Were they hunters and/or farmers? What food did they eat? Who did the hunting, farming, gathering, cooking? How did they store the food?
  • Customs: Men and women's roles, children's games, festivals, religion, ceremonies, etc.
  • Tools and Weapons: What tools did they have and what were their purposes? What did they make them from? Did they have weapons? What kind? Did they make them or obtain them from someone or someplace else? Methods of transportation can also be considered a tool.
  • Miscellaneous: Any information that does not fit in any of the above categories such as famous Native Americans, Arts and crafts, etc.

10.20.08 - Posting Messages: When posting messages make sure you click the Post button only one time. Otherwise, it will post more than once.

10.20.08 - St. Lorenz Students: The GOODSEARCH website is not working with our blocking software. All pages found in searches are blocked. Use www.google.com for the time being.

10.19.08 - Our Savior Students: It appears that you are "getting the hang" of posting on the discussion tabs. Many of you have older brothers and sisters in Grades 6/7/8/9 who have considerable experience with wikis. Ask them for help if you are working at home. Don't forget that I need a hard copy of your entry on Word.

When searching the internet, please use GOODSEARCH. It is linked below. On Tuesday we will be writing our entries in class using the research we have so far. On Wednesday we will start posting.

10.16.08 - Great start Fifth Graders! You may have noticed that we streamlined things a bit. If you go to your tribe page, you will see that that your choice of topics has been put on the page. Once you have your information, you can post it right under your topic heading. We got rid of the posts on the discussion tab on this page after we took off needed information. If you introduced yourself there, please reintroduce yourself on your tribe page. Our apologies for the confusion. We are learning some of this right along with you.

Mr. Felten and Mrs. Greve have assigned one student from each class to each Native American tribe. You will be working together to provide information for others reading this site. Any type of a project that requires people working together needs guidelines. It is important to follow these guidelines.

General Requirements
  • All new information and suggestions for the classes will be posted on this page. You must check this page before going to your tribe page.
  • Communication between the members of the group will be done via the discussion tab. If Mrs. Greve or Mr. Felten have suggestions for individual groups, they will communicate them through the discussion tab. Likewise, if you have a question for either one of the teachers, you can communicate with us that way as well. Your teachers will show you how to do it.
  • When making significant changes to the content created by another student, always leave a polite post in the discussion tab that explains why you made the changes that you made.
  • Your text should be your own (no plagiarism) unless quoting from a specific source. Should you quote from another source, the quote should be italicized, giving proper credit to the author of the quote.
  • The discussion tab is only for posts related to this project!
  • Use the default font, size, and style, unless there is a very specific reason for changing it within a page.
  • The heading titles should be done in Heading 2.
  • Leave an empty row between the title and the information.
  • Use the horizontal rule toolbar button to separate major sections of a page (such as what has been done with this page).
  • If you click on the edit button and notice that someone else is editing at the same time time you are, cancel and wait a few minutes. If you don't one or the other person's information will be lost.
  • Type your entries into a Word document, do a spell check, and then copy and paste it into your wiki.


Page Requirements

  • Each tribe page must have the following information: Introduction, Habitat/Homes, Dress, Food, Customs, and Tools/Weapons. That means that each student will be responsible for two of the topics. However, all students in the group are responsible for correcting errors either in formatting, grammar, conventions, and of course information in all topics. In addition, there will be one category called Miscellaneous Facts. All members of the group are responsible for that section. Information in that section will be anything that does not fit under the other topics.
  • To divide the topics more easily, each student will choose one of the topics and post it in the discussion tab. You may choose your second topic once you have finished your first one.
  • Each section should include one picture or drawing, and one link.


Helpful Links

The following are links which may help you with your research. You are not limited to them, but they are good places to start.





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